Rick Perry, Energy Secretary Famous for Saying ‘Oops,’ Elevated to National Security Council’s Top Committee

Bannon out, Perry in. Photo: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

The National Security Council shake-up that sent President Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, out into the wilderness, is bringing a few new fresh faces into the fold. Among them is Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

The Trump administration’s January reorganization of the NCS Principals Committee, a group of the top council members, removed the Energy Secretary from the group. That was effectively a demotion for the cabinet official in charge of the nation’s nuclear stockpile. The week’s re-reorganization brings the position back onto the committee.

And with that, Perry becomes the first former Dancing With the Stars contestant to be involved in the highest level of national-security policy making. We now go to Perry for his reaction:

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Elevated to NSC’s Top Committee