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You Definitely Shouldn’t Use This Slack Bot to @ Your Office Crush

This seems like a bad idea.

Slack, in case you don’t work somewhere in which you’re glued to a screen that you use for 80 percent of daily communication, is a handy office chat platform. It’s good for GIFs, keeping track of what your staff is doing, and telling your boss you are trapped on an F train that hasn’t moved in 35 minutes. It is not so good for flirting. Namely because you probably shouldn’t flirt, particularly in a digitally logged chat, with your co-workers. But that’s exactly what Feeld, the app formerly known as 3nder, wants you to do.

This week, Feeld announced a new Slack integration that lets you tell the platform who you are crushing on in your office. If your crush reciprocates, the bot notifies you both. Congrats! You both like each other and can spend your first date talking about how you maybe, probably violated an HR policy. Feeld also released a list of guidelines for using the bot, like “Be nice/don’t be a D,” “Work is work,” and “Discrimination sucks (and is illegal).” All fine statements, but also fine reasons to not @ somebody you’d like to hook up with in your company Slack. A private, friends-only Slack maybe, but definitely not the company Slack.

On second thought, if your office crush works in HR, this is a surefire way to ensure that you get to spend more time with them. In their office. Where you’ll be. For using this silly Slack bot in the first place.

You Shouldn’t Use This Slack Bot to @ Your Office Crush