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Look, I Don’t Know What to Tell You, But ‘Bone-Hurting Juice’ Is a Meme Now

Photo: Ogre64/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Throughout April, another hot meme has been gaining steam on the net. It’s the bone-hurting juice. I don’t know what else to tell you, or how else to describe it. It’s a juice that hurts bones, and now it’s a meme.

Imagine this: You’re thirsty. “Boy, I could really use a drink or liquid to quench this thirst. I hope it is cold,” you say. Nearby, you spot a vessel containing some type of liquid. “Ah, refreshment!” you exclaim to yourself. You take a big gulp. But inside the vessel is no ordinary juice. Inside is juice that, in fact, causes injury.

Yep, you guessed it: It’s the bone-hurting juice.

The image below is one of many variants of a comic strip called “Oh Bother” that was published on Safely Endangered in 2013. In the original strip, Pooh is eating Tigger’s father’s ashes. Over the years, the nation’s finest meme artists have used this panel as a skeleton for a variety of jokes in which the ashes are swapped out for other concerning substances: Informed that he’s eating “American propaganda,” Pooh replies, “Iraq has WMDs.” Informed that he’s eating “3rd wave feminism,” Pooh implores Tigger to “free the nipple.” What happens if you accidentally drank a concoction called “bone-hurting juice”? Clearly, your bones would hurt. Maybe you’d make a sound like “oww oof my bones.”

Photo: Know Your Meme

I mean, that’s it.

And so, bone-hurting juice split off as its own meme, where it’s been quietly making its way through meme hubs like 4chan until this month, when it began blowing up on Tumblr. It reached critical mass yesterday when the Tumblr account for Denny’s Diner, well-known for taking popular memes and giving them the “Old Yeller” treatment (killing them because they love them), posted a riff.

Anyway, that’s bone-hurting juice. If you still don’t get it, I got nothing.

Look, ‘Bone-Hurting Juice’ Is a Meme Now