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If an Owl Wore Pants, Would It … Who Cares Just Look at Its Legs!

Quick. In the next five seconds think of everything you know about owls. Big eyes. Necks that swivel like something out of a horror movie. Hooting noises. Congrats! You have a basic knowledge of owls. But stop and think for another second or two. What do an owl’s legs look like? The answer, at least in the case of a photo of one unnamed owl who is soaring to the top of Reddit’s front page today, is that they are very, very long. Check out those stems. (If anybody reading is particularly versed in ornithology, please sound off as to what type of owl this might be in the comments.)


Apologies to the owl who looks not super pleased to have been the subject of this photo shoot. Thank you for teaching us, pal.

Did You Know Owls Had Freakishly Long Legs?