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Reddit’s Hypermisogynist ‘Red Pill’ Forum Was Started by a New Hampshire State Legislator

This is not the guy, this is Morpheus from The Matrix.

A new report from the Daily Beast has seemingly unmasked the creator of Reddit’s infamous Red Pill forum. The /r/TheRedPill subreddit is the site’s main hub for discussing pickup-artist (PUA) techniques and the struggle for men’s rights. It counts just shy of 200,000 subscribers (and far more readers), mostly there to discuss how feminism is not really about equality, but about oppressing men.

Thanks to the Daily Beast’s detective work, it appears that the founder of the Red Pill is New Hampshire Republican lawmaker Robert Fisher, who unwittingly left a number of pseudonymous online identities tied together — he was undone in part by promoting his band, of which he is the sole member, on multiple accounts. When contacted by the Daily Beast about his connections, Fisher denied involvement and claimed to not know what a pickup artist is. Shortly afterward, all of the accounts examined by the reporters vanished.

Fisher lacked a bit of subtlety when it came to spitting his own game. From the report:

“Dude, I’m attractive and a business man. I own a small empire. I’m also running for political office, and I’m incredibly outgoing … And this site [OkCupid] files me in next to millions of other guys. Obviously I’m going to have more luck IRL,” Fisher wrote to another user in 2012.

He often wrote about seduction on his accounts, including cautioning men against what Red Pill members often allege is an epidemic of false rape allegations sweeping the nation (there isn’t one).

Men, Fisher said, should always take action to protect themselves against a past partner accusing them of rape. Online, Fisher advised another user to be careful not to offend prior flings whom he’d ghosted on. Insulting a woman, he maintained, was likely to set off a deluge of sudden false accusations. “… if she feels insulted, your incidence of false rape accusations or pregnancy scares go waaaaaaaaay up,” he counseled.

Elsewhere, he’d advise other commenters on how to make sure that they had airtight alibis against rape accusations.

Fisher currently serves in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, representing Belknap County’s district nine.

Reddit ‘Red Pill’ Forum Started by New Hampshire Politician