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These Tweets Will Make You Very Glad That You Didn’t Spend Thousands of Dollars to Get Stranded in the Bahamas

One of the great pleasures of modern life is the new immediacy of Schadenfreude. Want to take some small, dark pleasure in the misfortune of others? Instantaneous digital communication allows you to do so with no friction and no wait. Such is our modern world. And, so, may we present: The best tweets from the disastrous Fyre Festival.

Fyre Festival was supposed to be an elite and luxurious musical festival. Hosted on a private island in the Bahamas — which was once owned by Pablo Escobar — tickets ranged into the thousands, and the promo videos for the event, which was co-organized by Ja Rule, featured Bella Hadid and other professionally hot people frolicking on sandy beaches and diving into pristine waters. Except, when the people who actually ponied up those dollars showed up to the event this week, Fyre did not deliver. The site was unfinished, headliner Blink-182 had canceled, and the luxurious villas festivalgoers were promised turned out to be nothing more than disaster-relief shelters.

Fyre, according to the event’s official Twitter account, has since been postponed due to “unforeseen circumstances,” and people are slowly making their way off of the island. It is unclear what was “unforeseen” about being truly unprepared to shelter, feed, and entertain hundreds of people looking for a party. But, hey, for those of us not currently stranded on an island, at least we got some good tweets out of this whole ordeal.

And then there’s this week-old tweet from Ja Rule himself, which, um, didn’t age super well.

The Bleakest Tweets From Ja Rule’s Failed Fyre Festival