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This Roof Dog Party Is the Only Party I Want to Go To

It’s Friday. Maybe you’ve got plans. Checking out a cool new restaurant. Seeing a show. House party at a friends.Binge watching Smallville.

Well I can say with 100 percent certainty that no matter what you’ve got planned for tonight, it’s not as cool as what these two dogs are up to:

Just look at these good boys, up on the roof, probably able to see all sorts of cool stuff.

A lot of people seemed very worried about the dogs, which is weird. They are having a roof dog party! Let them have their fun!

At one point, they even attempt to trick the pooches away from their roof party, preying on dogs’ well-known weakness for dog treats.

Luckily, the dogs didn’t fall for the ruse, and instead got some food delivered to their party, which is cool.

It seems like the dogs’ owner came down on them pretty hard for their roof party. Though, we guess we agree, these dogs are bad. Badass partyers.

The Roof Dog Party Is the Only Party I Want to Go To