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Ex-Manager Reveals Secrets of Times Square Olive Garden

Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Another day, another great Twitter thread. This time, it’s from actual Twitter employee Joe Wadlington, who met a very important unsung hero of Manhattan: a former general manager at the Times Square Olive Garden.

A little background for you: The Times Square Olive Garden takes the standard fast-casual Italian dining experience and coats it in the unfortunate, touristy malaise of Times Square, which is objectively one of the top-20 worst areas in the world. It is full of businessmen and tourists on vacation, who quite often — for unclear reasons — decide that Olive Garden, a national restaurant chain, is where they want to receive sustenance. On New Year’s Eve, Olive Garden offers a celebration that costs $400 per ticket.

The idea of actually managing such a facility boggles the mind, yet people do it every day. Wadlington did his best to get some dirt. The main takeaway is that when it comes to running the busiest Olive Garden in the world, running out of breadsticks is more harrowing than two customers getting into a knife fight.

The Secrets of the Times Square Olive Garden, Revealed