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Choose Your Own Adventure: Donald Trump Autographs Some Dude’s Hat

Let’s say you’re extremely famous; you’re frequently surrounded by well-wishers and admirers seeking autographs and handshakes. Here’s a scenario: An admirer hands you an object to sign.

Presumably, this admirer wants you to sign the object so that they can keep it in their collection of personal mementos, and remember their brush with greatness for many years to come. That or they want to sell it on eBay.

Regardless, you’ve now autographed the thing — in this case, it’s a hat. Do you …

(a) give the autographed item back to the person who handed it to you, completing the transaction between celebrity and fan, or …

(b) throw the object into the crowd, like a big ol’ dummy who forgot what you were doing eight seconds ago?

If you are Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, at this afternoon’s annual Easter Egg Roll, the answer is B.

Trump Signed a Guy’s Hat and Then Threw It Into the Crowd