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What the Hell Does This Promposal Sign Say?

Photo: _lord_darkskin_/Twitter

It’s “promposal” season, which means all of the teens are getting out their poster board and sharpies to ask that special someone to the big shindig in as viral a way as possible. This week, Marlen Williams decided to shoot his shot with the most baffling promposal sign I’ve ever seen. The staff of Select All spent a while trying to figure out what the hell it said, and this blog post now exists so that all of that effort didn’t go to waste.

You can check out a closer view of the sign above. The sign, like all great mysteries, seems to adhere to no central structure or logic, existing in defiance of the natural order of time and space.

Many people were confused by this sign, which might say, “You’ll run the I’ll be 12 I’d love to take a shot at prom with you #12.”

One hero stepped up to help translate this arcane syntax …

… and was quickly shot down.

Maybe someday soon we will solve this mystery. Maybe. In the meantime, she said yes, so that’s nice.

What the Hell Does This Promposal Sign Say?