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What Else Besides Facebook Will Have Stories in 2017?

Pregnancy tests will now have stories! Photo: coinvolver/Twitter

At the end of March, Facebook rolled out a feature for “stories” — short-term video posts that delete after a set period of time — on its main app. It is, as you probably guessed by the name, cribbed almost entirely from Snapchat, and follows Facebook-owned Instagram’s addition of Snapchat-style Stories in 2016. Which means right now, your phone is witness to the social-media equivalent of Oprah yelling, “You get stories, and you get stories, EVERYBODY GETS STORIES!” And because you can’t get away with ripping off a mega-popular app like Snapchat that easily, people started to turn Facebook’s less-than-innovative, new feature into a pretty good internet gag. Which is maybe bad news for Facebook, but great news for anybody who likes a meme and a laugh at Mark Zuckerberg’s expense.

Select All, for the record, will not be getting Stories.

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