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Here’s a Bleak Meme to Remind You That in 2017 We Still Don’t Have Flying Cars

We’re still waiting on flying cars à la The Jetsons. Photo: Hanna Barbera

Thirty years ago, 2017 seemed like a distant, and technologically optimized, future. Cars would fly! Diseases would be eradicated! A woman would be president! Except, fast-forward several decades, and 2017, obviously, didn’t turn out to be such an idyll after all. Which, while unfortunate for those of us who take the C train instead of a flying car to the office, makes for an easy-to-use meme format. These disappointing-future memes have been popping up on Twitter for some time now, but seem to have reached their peak this week.

For what it’s worth, Uber claims it will have flying cars taking to the skies by 2020. Though this meme, as per /r/MemeEconomy, will be long dead by then. Or, maybe, it’ll be vintage and cool again. We’ll have to wait and see.

Bleak Meme Reminds Us That the Future Is Now and It’s Bad