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Bathrobe-Wearing, Trash-Throwing Woman Is All of Us on a Monday

Who is she? Photo: @em__holt/Twitter

I could try to explain this video to you. The rising and falling action. The dramatic twist ending. Its nuanced take on the human condition. The simple beauty of it. But honestly, at its core, this is just a video about some dumb trash. And you should watch it. Watch the trash video. You know you want to.

There’s just so much going on here. The bathrobe. The untied Stan Smith sneakers. The low-quality footage. The insane height the trash gets while exploding from the bag. This is the kind of satisfying content the web was born to spread. It also makes me miss Vine something fierce. Just imagine how good this would be on a loop.

My New Hero Is This Bathrobe-Wearing, Trash-Throwing Woman