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Cher’s Emoji-to-English Dictionary, Abridged

All hail Cher, Queen of Emoji.

Few people are as pure and good on Twitter dot com as Cher. As in, the woman who taught us all to believe in life after love. That Cher. Her tweets are consistent beacons of spirited joy, unabashed honesty, and, well, occasional nonsense-speak. This week, Cher has decided to educate her nearly 3.5 million followers. Her subject of choice? The tiny pictographs that so often color her stream-of-consciousness tweets. Welcome, friends, to Cher’s Emoji School. Please take your seats. Class is now in session.

She followed up with another set of translations. While “Cold Chick” and “Ice Queen” make sense, her secondary use of the palm tree as a stand-in for “Bitch” seems a little off. Still, it seems safe to assume that if Cher is invoking the palm tree, she’s not inviting you on a vacation.

Hope you have been paying attention. This will all be on the midterm.

An Emoji-to-English Dictionary, As Translated by Cher