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Match Your Body Type to a Bottle With Today’s Dove-Inspired Meme

Here’s me. Photo: @vrunt/Twitter

Close your eyes and picture the last bottle of bodywash you used in the shower. What was it shaped like? Was it tall and thin? Short and squat? Did it in any way resemble the shape of your own body? If no, were you deeply offended? Dove’s latest campaign aims to help you overcome those (likely nonexistent) feelings of soap-induced self-loathing by selling bodywash in bottles with varying degrees of curves to promote body positivity. (The Real Beauty bottles are a limited run and currently only available in the U.K.)

Naturally, the Dove bottles quickly jumped from promotional gag to Twitter meme. Just pick a bottle — a wine jug, two liters of Cheerwine, a plastic container of Draino, one of those blender things swole people use at the gym to let you know how swole they are — and let Dove know your body type is already being properly represented by a bottle out there.

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