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Everything Wrong With Scott Walker’s Grilling Technique

Scott Walker. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

By law, all Americans are legally required to cook food on the grill over Memorial Day weekend. That’s just how it is. Even Wisconsin governor Scott Walker knows this. More specifically, he knows that he must grill. Unfortunately, he does not know how to grill.

Walker — who claimed during the 2016 Republican primary that his growing bald spot was the result of hitting his head on a cabinet — commemorated Memorial Day with one of the worst grilling strategies ever committed to digital memory. This whole thing is a goddamn mess.

He’s getting “skewered” in the comments.

First of all, it looks like Walker forgot to turn his grill on. Crank up the heat, dude.

Second, Walker forgot to season his skewers. There are maybe some flecks of pepper on there, but otherwise, those chunks of meat are bland as hell.

Third, skewer construction is all over the place. They’re all packed too tightly, resulting in uneven cooking. Plus, Walker should try to avoid mixing widely varying types of meat and veggies on the same stick. Putting beef and chicken on the same one will result in overcooked beef, since it requires a lower internal temperature, but will have to keep cooking until the chicken is finished.

Everything Wrong With Scott Walker’s Grilling Technique