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It Is With a Heavy Heart That I Must Announce That Former White House Photographer Pete Souza Is at It Again

Since February, former White House photographer — he spent eight years documenting the Obamas — Pete Souza has used his Instagram presence to relive the years he spent with his lens focused on the Oval Office. And, in the process, has used his Instagram presence to throw a fair bit of shade at Donald Trump and the current administration. (Frankly, at this point, his behavior has moved past shady, jumped over passive-aggressive, and landed squarely in blatantly mocking territory.) Today was no exception. Following a series of clips that appeared to show Melania Trump swatting away and evading her husband’s attempts to hold her hand, Souza shared a photo of Barack and Michelle Obama. Holding hands, naturally.

Pete. Thanks.

Ex-White House Photographer Shades Trump’s Hand-holding