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House Democrats Sing ‘Na, Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Hey, Good-bye’ to Republicans After Trumpcare Vote Passes

Senator Chuck Schumer at a recent anti-Trumpcare rally. The American Health Care Act will now move to a vote in the Senate. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Earlier today, the House of Representatives voted on the American Health Care Act. It gained enough votes to pass, meaning the legislation will now move on to a vote in the Senate. Under Trumpcare, Medicaid would see significant cuts, and thanks to a new amendment, Cesarean sections, rape, and postpartum depression are all considered preexisting conditions. Following the vote, several sources on the ground reported that House Democrats erupted into song. Yes, you read that right — Democrats. A chorus of Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.”

Watch House Dems chant “Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, good-bye” after the health-care vote.

While today’s vote might spur Democratic voter turnout in the midterm elections, 2018 is still a long ways away. Especially for the millions of Americans who stand to lose coverage if the Affordable Care Act is successfully repealed and replaced by the AHCA. Wonder what the Democratic Senators will sing if the legislation passes and Obamacare becomes a thing of the past. Perhaps a chorus of “Memories” from Cats.

House Democrats Started Singing After Trumpcare Vote