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The Music Video This Kid Made With His Phone Is Better Than Most Professional Movies, a video app popular with the teen set, is sort of a quiet giant in the social-media world. It raised $100,000,000 in funding last year; back then, the platform’s user numbers boasted 70 million registered and 10 million daily active users. (These numbers have likely only gone up.) The platform has stars — Baby Ariel is among the biggest — and fandoms; but if you’re not an active app user — which is to say, if you’re not a teen — you probably aren’t seeing many videos floating through your News Feed. Until today.

A video from user @IsaiahXavier10 has made the leap from the youthful lip-syncing to freebooted viral success. The clip features Isaiah lip-syncing to “Addicted to My Ex” by M-City J.r., and it is really — well, just watch it.

@IsaiahXavier10 has dozens of similarly charming and well-executed clips on his account, but this video, as far as videos go, is damn near perfect. Excellent hand choreography — any teen will tell you that the art of is all about the hands. Perfectly synced lyrics. Transitions so smooth, they make your head hurt. It’s no wonder the clip has moved from @IsaiahXavier10’s app account to getting thousands of retweets and faves on Twitter. (Even M-City J.r. shared the clip.) users everywhere should take note. The bar has been set.

This Teenager Made a Pro-Quality Music Video on His Phone