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If You’re Speaker of the House, Maybe Don’t Pose for Photos With a Guy Wearing a Shirt Telling You to F**k Yourself

If you’re a famous figure — at least, famous enough that people want to take selfies with you — you’ve got to be a little wary of whom you pose with. (Remember kids, the internet is forever.) This week — following in the footsteps of that time Justin Trudeau thought he was taking a selfie with some college kids and wound up being stuck in a front-facing camera video while the students grilled him about policy — Paul Ryan fell into the selfie trap. The Speaker of the House was attending a Kiwanis pancake breakfast in Wisconsin when he stopped for a photo with a man wearing a Pod Save America (a political podcast) shirt emblazoned with “Repeal and go f**k yourself.”

Repeal. Replace. Read the words on the shirt of the guy you agreed to pose for a picture with.

Paul Ryan Gets Subtly Owned by Dude’s T-Shirt