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Come on Pope Francis, Give Us a Smile

Pope Francis and Prime Minister Trudeau pose for a photo. Photo: Ettore Ferrari/AFP/Getty Images

Last week, Donald Trump met with Pope Francis at the Vatican. The men, along with Ivanka and Melania Trump and Jared Kushner, posed for a photo during the visit. It was a sight to behold, with Pope Francis looking, well, not happy about standing beside the president of the United States. On Monday, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau visited the Vatican and posed for a nearly identical photo. Right down to the look on the Pope’s face.

Perhaps the sullen look is Vatican protocol for photos with world leaders. Or, possibly, Pope Francis just thinks a grimace is his best look. Either way, this is very good news for the meme business.

The Pope Looked Equally Pissed About Meeting Justin Trudeau