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Reddit ‘Red Pill’ Founder ‘Never Hated Women’

Red Pill founder Robert Fisher. Photo: Elise Amendola/AP Photo

Robert Fisher, a Republican legislator from New Hampshire, has recently come under fire after the Daily Beast revealed Fisher appears to be the founder and moderator of Reddit’s infamous /r/TheRedPill. The subreddit is a hotbed for men’s-rights discussions, pickup artists, and generally all things not great for women. Fisher initially denied involvement after he was found to be linked to the sub’s founder’s Reddit handle, but later admitted to founding the sub. (He denies reports he still moderates it.)

Unsurprisingly, a committee — the New Hampshire House Legislative Administration Committee — has been created to look into Fisher’s involvement with the subreddit. “I have never hated women, I know that’s what has been alleged,” Fisher told the committee, according to Talking Points Memo. “Some of the views that have been alleged here are certainly not reflective of what I stand for or what I have done in my time here in Concord.” Still, it is up to the committee to decide if Fisher will face repercussions for his involvement. He has thus far ignored requests — including one from New Hampshire’s Republican governor, Chris Sununu — that he step down from his position, publishing an official statement in which he doubled down on his belief that taping sex might be the “best, or only, form of protection for men to prevent false rape accusations.”

Yesterday, the Daily Beast published a follow-up piece alleging Fisher continues to post on /r/TheRedPill under a new handle, /u/redpillschool. “I am not disappearing,” Fisher told a local news outlet. “I will continue to stand strong for men’s rights and the rights of all.”

Reddit ‘Red Pill’ Founder ‘Never Hated Women’