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Report: Nintendo Is Making a Legend of Zelda Smartphone Game

Not content to sell millions of copies of the new Legend of Zelda game, Nintendo is reportedly working on a mobile game set in Hyrule. According to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is planning a Zelda game for smartphones, following on the heels of games set in the worlds of Super Mario, Fire Emblem, and Animal Crossing. (Nintendo did not make Pokémon Go.)

From the Journal:

The people familiar with the matter said the “Animal Crossing” smartphone app is likely to be released in the latter half of 2017, and “The Legend of Zelda” would follow that, although they cautioned that the timing and order of the releases could be changed. Nintendo is developing the games with Tokyo-based DeNA Co.

So we still probably have to wait a year before anything hits digital shelves. It’s also unknown how Zelda will translate to a smaller touchscreen — don’t expect anything like Breath of the Wild’s expansive landscape. Super Mario Run, thanks in part to a hefty-on-mobile $10 price tag, failed to meet Nintendo’s expectations. Maybe it’ll be a Tingle dress-up simulator; one can dream.

Report: Nintendo Is Making a Zelda Smartphone Game