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Debunked: This Girl Didn’t Call Trump a ‘Disgrace’ to His Face

A funny, but fake, video.

There’s a video clip going around Twitter right now, showing a young girl approaching a man who looks like Donald Trump (you can only see “the president” from behind) and calling him “a disgrace to the world.” Kids these days.

The Twitter video is actually clipped from The President Show, a Comedy Central series starring Anthony Atamanuik. While Atamanuik’s backside does an extremely convincing Trump — though he appears to be shorter than the real Trump — the wig is where the comparison stops. In the original, non-freebooted version of the clip, it’s much easier to tell that he’s not actually President Trump.

Still, Atamanuik — responding to Gizmodo’s coverage of the clip — insists the girl’s reaction was completely unscripted. Here’s hoping this small child ends up in the vicinity of the real Donald Trump very soon.

Debunked: Girl Didn’t Call Trump a ‘Disgrace’ to His Face