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White House Considering Plan to Have Legal Team Vet Trump’s Tweets

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The White House is considering a plan to send President Trump’s personal tweet drafts through a legal-review process that, if implemented, could lead to a drastic reduction in the amount of tweets complaining about President Trump’s tweets. The very un-Trump move would be part of the seemingly inevitable White House shakeup that scandal-plagued Trump administration sources have been promising for weeks.

The Wall Street Journal reports that White House operations meetings will get underway next week and “everything is on the table,” according to a Trump adviser. That everything apparently includes the possibility of having a team of lawyers vet President Trump’s tweets to make sure that they “don’t go from the president’s mind out to the universe” and are properly adjusted (or abandoned) beforehand so as to not start new dumpster fires while so many others are already burning.

It seems highly unlikely, however, that Trump will ever agree to any guidance or restrictions on any part of his Twitter life, so plans otherwise may be for naught.

Looking at larger legal problems, the White House is also planning on hiring several lawyers to help it handle the growing Russia investigation, and some senior administration officials apparently plan on retaining their own private attorneys for that investigation, as well.

White House May Have Legal Team Vet Trump’s Tweets