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The Amazon Echo Is $40 Off for Prime Members

The Amazon Echo.

If you’ve got Amazon Prime and have been curious about the Amazon Echo, now’s a good time to buy one: Amazon is offering $40 off its smart speaker, if you enter the code ECHOSAVE40.

We’ve written previously about our affection for the Echo. I, personally, was kinda bewildered by how and why I’d use one until I picked it up during last year’s Prime sale. But it’s amazing how quickly you get used to having it around, even if you don’t use its full smart-home functionality (I don’t). It’s a speaker with very good sound that can hook into your Spotify account, play podcasts, set timers, reorder paper towels, or just give you the weather forecast while you’re getting ready to leave in the morning. There’s also a ton of extra “skills” (think apps) you can add on — some useful, some just goofball. If you’ve been on the fence, the price of $140 should be enough to get you to jump.

While this deal is mainly aimed at Prime members, you can get around that if you’ve purchased any smart-home device from Amazon in the past (though, be warned: Some of the Echo’s functionality requires being a Prime member). The deal is good until Tuesday, June 6.

A smaller deal is also available: The Echo Dot, which gives you the functionality (but not the sound quality) of the Echo, is $10 off with the code DOTSAVE10. It’s good way to dip your toe in the water (though, be warned: You’ll probably end up just getting a full-size Echo after a while anyway).

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The Amazon Echo Is $40 Off for Prime Members