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Ben Sasse Receives the Ultimate Punishment: Nickelback’s Email Newsletter

Ben Sasse. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

If you’re looking for a lazy, but still kinda funny, method of trolling, look no further than the Canadian band Nickelback. The band’s name itself has become a punch line, the joke being that “Nickelback is not a good band.” To that point, a good troll would be to make someone who lives a Nickelback-free lifestyle think about Nickelback. That’s where Nebraska Republican senator Ben Sasse comes in.

Look at this tweet. Every time I do it makes me laugh.

On the contrary, it is very funny. Sasse is mad about it, as evidenced by his period-separated final statement (later, he will tell you that he is, in fact, not mad, but laughing). Sasse — who believes that baby boomers are better than millennials because they didn’t have the polio vaccine — had to take precious time away from trying to kick millions of Americans off of their health insurance in order to unsubscribe multiple accounts from an email newsletter.

Ben Sasse Receives Nickelback’s Email Newsletter