Fox & Friends Embarrasses Itself With Story About Comey’s New York Times Visit That Wasn’t

Former FBI director James Comey walked into the New York Times building on Eighth Avenue on Thursday. About three hours later, he walked out.

That was enough for the Daily Mail to run an “EXCLUSIVE” suggesting that he may have been there to meet with Times reporters and, the suggestion is clear, spill more information about his interactions with President Trump.

On Friday morning, Fox & Friends ran the same pictures of Comey and added some the show’s trademark crack analysis:

“Wonder what James Comey was doing at the New York Times? It’s so odd,” Ed Henry said.

“I know, he’s not even trying to hide,” Ainsley Earhardt added.

Steve Doocey asked, “Why would he go right in the front door?”

Turns out, it’s not as odd as the crew on the couch thought. Comey was at the building, which houses many businesses that aren’t the New York Times, to take part in an event for Court-Appointed Special Advocates, a nonprofit that “promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy so every abused or neglected child in the United States can be safe, have a permanent home and the opportunity to thrive.”

As the Washington Post explains, this is a cause near to the hearts of Comey and his wife, Patrice Failor:

Comey and Failor, who have five children of their own, were foster parents during Comey’s first stint in Washington, at the Justice Department under George W. Bush, and when they lived in Connecticut, during Comey’s time at a hedge fund.

Failor volunteered as a court-appointed special advocate in Bridgewater, Conn. She testified about her experience before the Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut state legislature last March. Comey was there.

As it happens, Fox producers didn’t even need to do any reporting to know that their entire premise was off. A reporter for the Times did it for them Thursday night.

Fox & Friends Embarrasses Itself With Debunked Comey Story