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Even If Your GPS Says Turn Left, If Left Is a Lake … Maybe Don’t Listen to Your GPS

A body of water. Not to be confused with a road. Photo: Google Maps

If you’re heading out on a road trip for Fourth of July weekend, consider arming yourself with some common sense and an appropriate eyeglass prescription, in addition to your GPS. The first two will probably be more helpful in effectively navigating unfamiliar roads without driving your car straight into a body of water. Which is what a man in Massachusetts did earlier this month.

Daniel Alley was driving on Lake Road — come on, my dude — early in the morning, Fox 25 Boston reports. His GPS advised him to continue heading straight, which wound up plunging his car into Swan Pond. By the time emergency responders arrived, the car was completely underwater. Alley and the other rider in the car were fine, though police cited Alley for “operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license.”

Alley is in pretty decent company, as far as wet cars go. People seem to blindly follow their GPS systems into lakes and ponds with an alarming regularity. Back in May 2016, a 23-year-old woman drove her car into a Canadian lake while driving on a foggy night. Three Japanese tourists drove their car into the Pacific in Australia in 2012. Flying cars can’t come soon enough.

Even If Your GPS Says Turn Left, If Left Is a Lake, Don’t