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Mets Mascot Flips Off Fan, Despite Technically Not Having a Middle Finger

Mr. Met. Photo: @adelucia35/Twitter

The Mets lost last night. And no one was apparently more upset about this than the team’s mascot, Mr. Met, who seems to be in some trouble after flipping the bird at someone in the stands. That person, in the true spirit of 2017, filmed the moment and tweeted the video at the Mets.

The team has since issued a statement regarding the actions of the anthropomorphic baseball, apologizing and saying they are dealing with the issue internally.

Twitter users have also issued their own statements on the middle-finger incident, though they seem markedly less concerned than the New York Mets. A giant baseball telling somebody to go, well, you know — it’s funny!

Has anybody double-checked if yesterday’s Mr. Met and that rogue Pikachu who flipped off crowds at a Phillies game last summer aren’t actually the same person?

Mr. Met Is Sorry for Flipping Off Fan