A Swarm of Angry Bees Shut Down a Street in Midtown Manhattan

A driver parked his van on 47th Street near Rockefeller Center on Friday morning, and returned to the vehicle in the afternoon to discover it was filled with a swarm of bees.

The bees’ ambush of the van forced police to shut down 47th between Fifth and Madison avenues, according to NBC New York. It is unclear where this swarm came from, but a beekeeper was on the scene in the afternoon vacuumed up the bees and rid Midtown of this plague, for now.

Meanwhile, La Guardia Airport is reportedly dealing with its own insect scourge. Ravenous mosquitoes have invaded the airport and are tormenting both travelers and employees who have reported seeing them in stores, bathrooms, and food courts. Health officials and La Guardia operators blame the rainy spring, proximity to Flushing Bay, and ongoing construction; the airport’s management has increased spraying and installed bug zappers. “They fly in front of your face like they want to kiss you,” one worker told DNAinfo. “I have a lot of bites.”


Swarm of Angry Bees Shut Down Street in Midtown Manhattan