The World’s Front Pages Mourn Trump’s Paris Decision

America is alone. That’s the message plastered on front pages around the globe. Some headlines rage at Trump, depicting the president as turning his back on the world, on humanity. Others seem like lamentations: a good-bye to the United States as it abdicates its leadership of the free world. And, as Trump sticks it to the planet Earth, photo editors are apparently going to stick it right back to him with a fair number of shots of his (tiny) hands. Here’s a look at some of the best front pages, below:

Brussels, Belgium:

Front-page cartoon in O Globo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:




Beijing’s China Daily English edition is also telling. Trump and his decision is buried in the story, and President Xi Jinping and China’s agreements with Germany are front and center. It’s a sign that China is not just trying to take the U.S.’s place as the global leader — something experts have warned will be a major consequence of America’s Paris absence — but perhaps it already saw itself in that role before Trump’s decision.

And a common theme:


Even the New York Post couldn’t resist, though Mr. Met might have real estate.

Although the New York Daily News wins the tabloid wars with a nod to its infamous 1975 front page:

The World’s Front Pages Mourn Trump’s Paris Decision