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Donald Trump Brags About 100-Year-Old Canal He Didn’t Build to Panamanian President

Donald Trump and Juan Carlos Varela met on Monday at the White House. Photo: Pool/Getty Images

In the latest episode of Donald Trump’s Awkward Handshakes, Trump sat down with Juan Carlos Varela, Panama’s president, today at the White House. While the two leaders posed for photos and began to shake hands, Trump made sure to remind Varela just how well the Panama Canal has been working. (Brief history lesson: The Panama Canal was completed in 1914.) “I think we did a good job building it,” Trump said. “100 years ago,” retorted Varela, a man with a plan, and a canal, from Panama.

Can’t decide where this one ranks on the scale of dumb Trump shakes. Somewhere between Trump gripping Shinzo Abe’s hand for eternity and Justin Trudeau staring blankly at Trump’s outstretched palm.

Trump Brags About 100-Year-Old Canal to Panamanian President