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Twitter Helps Explain What a Real ‘Normal New York City Conversation’ Is to Trump-Excusing Chris Christie

A normal New York conversation. Photo: Kai Brinker/CC/flickr

Earlier on Wednesday, James Comey’s opening statements from the testimony he’ll give before the Senate Intelligence Committee tomorrow were released online. In them, Comey details some truly strange conversations he had with President Trump, in which POTUS repeatedly demands the utmost loyalty to him and seems to hold “that thing you know” over Comey’s head. Later on Wednesday, New Jersey governor Chris Christie appeared on MSNBC where he defended the president’s statements. Instead, Christie insisted to Nicolle Wallace that Trump’s words were actually just “what he [Trump] considers to be normal New York City conversation.”

Not to publicly question a government official but, hmmmmmm, Chris. Just hmmmmmm. Fortunately, some other New Yorkers on Twitter have stepped forward to demonstrate what real New York conversations, ones that don’t sound like they were ominously uttered by Don Vito Corleone, sound like.

Move it along now, folks. Nothing to see here except some normal New York conversations.

Twitter Explains ‘Normal NYC Conversation’ to Christie