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Who Set the TVs on Air Force One to Record Property Brothers?


There are many questions to which we may never know the answers. The number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. How that whole Stonehenge thing got built way back in the day. Why Nickelback feels the need to continue recording albums. This week, we add a new inquiry to this pantheon of baffling questions: Who set the TVs on Air Force One to automatically record Property Brothers? White House AP reporter Jon Lemire spotted the recording notification while riding on the plane earlier this week.

Was the DVR set by a member of the press? Does Donald Trump, longtime real-estate developer, enjoy watching the Scott twins transform fixer-uppers into dream homes while traversing the skies? What is the deal with the third Property Brother looking like an extra from Dragon Ball Z? The world may never know. (But if you do know, please, please email me at

Who Set the Air Force One TVs to Record Property Brothers?