All the Indignities Sean Spicer Endured Before Finally Quitting the White House

Spicey. Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Looking back, it’s little surprise that Sean Spicer never seemed at home in Donald Trump’s White House. This is a guy who spent the first few months of the GOP primary criticizing Trump, and even though the 71-year-old president may not be as sharp as he once was, he never forgets an insult.

Trump, and those closest to him, seem to have spent the last six months getting payback on Spicer, subjecting him to public and private humiliations that would have made any normal human being quit on the spot. Until Friday, though, Spicer endured, the final indignity being the hiring of hedge-funder Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director.

Here are all of the other times he could have quit before that.

On day two, when Trump sent him to the podium in the White House press-briefing room to lie about the size of the crowd at his inauguration.

On day three, when Trump complained that Spicer didn’t do a good job selling his lie.

On day five, when Trump, whose suits fit like he lost 60 pounds and shrunk three inches, insulted Spicer’s wardrobe and forced him to desperately seek new clothes.

On day 19, when the first reports emerged that Trump was looking to replace Spicer.

On day 110, when Trump fired FBI director James Comey but didn’t tell Spicer about it until the last minute because he feared the press office would leak the news. This left Spicer scrambling to explain what happened to the media and, at one point, hiding in the bushes outside the White House to avoid reporters.

On day 125, when Spicer, a Catholic, wasn’t allowed to meet the pope at the Vatican. It’s not like there wasn’t room. Along with the First Lady, his daughter, and his son-in-law, Trump brought his muscle, Keith Schiller, and his social-media guru, Dan Scavino, into the meeting with Pope Francis. Spicer was pissed.

On day 151, when White House strategist Steve Bannon told a reporter that the reason Spicer was increasingly giving off-camera briefings was because “Sean got fatter.”

All the Indignities Sean Spicer Endured Before Quitting