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Anthony Scaramucci Has One Thing in Common With Donald Trump: A History of Tweets That Disagree With Donald Trump

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As the Trump presidency rumbles along, it has been plagued by one particularly fierce and dogged critic: Donald Trump, whose lengthy history of intemperate tweets has left behind dozens of published, archived statements that stand in direct contradiction to his administration’s policies. Now, in the White House, he has a companion.

Earlier Friday, New York financier and entrepreneur Anthony Scaramucci was appointed the new White House communications director. Much like the early days of Sean Spicer — may he rest in peace — folks, us included, were quick to follow and note Scaramucci’s Twitter presence. Notably, the Mooch is among the most prominent White House members of #TeamFollowBack: He follows an absurd 168,000 people (including yours truly). Maybe more to the point: His feed is filled with tweets that directly disagree with the president. He has since deleted a few of them, namely ones that blatantly criticized President Trump, but for the most part, Scaramucci’s Twitter remains a museum full of relics that seem to fly in the face of key tenets of the Trump administration.

On walls.

On guns.

On party affiliation.

On Trump.

On free speech.

On Russia.

On climate change being real.

On Hillary Clinton.

On blaming all Muslims for the actions of a radical minority.

On … actually, this one has nothing to do with Trump, but just read it anyway.

Scaramucci Sure Disagreed With Trump a Lot