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Anthony Scaramucci Is Unclear on the Concept of the Legal System

Anthony Scaramucci, Harvard Law School graduate. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Despite possessing a degree from Harvard Law School, Anthony Scaramucci does not seem to possess an understanding of basic principles of the Anglo-American legal tradition. First, Scaramucci accused putative chief of staff and Scaramucci blood-rival Reince Priebus of having illegally leaked his disclosure form. (The leak was not illegal and turns out to have been a public disclosure notice.) Scaramucci’s embarrassment at this gaffe has not discouraged him from pursuing a quasi-judicial purge.
The new White House communications director has gone on television to boast that he is interfering with the justice system in violation of written rules:

Also, he believes the standard of evidence is a presumption of guilt that Priebus must disprove:

Oh, and he considers leaking to be a capital offense:

That is not how the law works.

Anthony Scaramucci Unclear on Concept of Legal System