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Ann Coulter Is So Hated, People Are Rooting for Delta in Their Twitter Beef

Ann Coulter. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Flying, generally, is unpleasant. The seats are tiny. You’re trapped in a tin can in the sky breathing recirculated air. (And this is if you aren’t unlucky enough to be dragged off a plane by security for refusing to give up your seat, like now-infamous United passenger David Dao.) You know what doesn’t help make the experience any more pleasant? Ann Coulter putting you on blast on Twitter. Over the weekend, the conservative pundit began angrily tweeting after Delta switched her seat on a flight. Coulter claimed she had been bumped from a seat she’d paid extra for and had “PRE-BOOKED.” She noted this in a tweet that included a photo of the poor woman who had the misfortune of being the one to wind up in the seat Coulter wanted for herself on a flight from La Guardia Airport in New York to West Palm Beach, Florida.

It’s worth noting that the seat switch didn’t impact Coulter’s travel timeline. She was still able to take the same flight, at the same time, as she originally planned — just in a different seat with slightly less legroom. (Coulter’s preferred seat was in an exit row.) The airline said, in a statement, Coulter had changed her seat — from a window seat to an aisle one, still within the exit row — just 24 hours before the flight was scheduled, which led to some confusion about which seat she was supposed to be in. “Following the flight, crew members reported that there were no problems or concerns escalated,” the statement said. “Delta first became aware of the issue with Coulter’s seat assignment when she began tweeting on July 15 after the flight’s arrival. The airline’s social media and customer care teams made several attempts to connect with her to apologize for the seat mix-up; however, they did not hear back from Coulter until Sunday evening.”

Amid Coulter’s endless stream of tweets hurled at the airline, Delta’s central Twitter account has stepped into the fray to tell her the company is having none of it. The airline says it will be refunding her $30 and called her behavior “unacceptable.”

Congrats on getting your $30 back, Ann. Don’t spend it all in one place.

Ann Coulter and Delta Go at It on Twitter