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I … Worked on This Meme Story for a Year … and … He Just … He Tweeted It Out

Donald Trump Jr.’s tweets inspired a meme. Photo: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Today’s Twitter meme is brought to you by the letter K. That’s K as in “Kremlin” and “Are you kidding me, Donald Trump Jr.?” Yesterday, in an attempt to get ahead of a story involving the young Trump emailing with a Kremlin-associated publicist about a meeting where he was to be supplied with intel from the Russian government, Trump Jr. took matters into his own hands and tweeted out the emails in question. Jared Yates Sexton, a journalist who claimed he had spent significant time tracking leads on this particular story, immediately tweeted his distress. “I…worked on this story for a year…and…he just…he tweeted it out,” Sexton tweeted on Tuesday. Fast forward about 24 hours later and, well folks, we got ourselves a meme.

I worked on this story for 15 minutes. Please tweet it out.

I Worked on This Meme Story for a Year and He Tweeted It Out