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Kellyanne Conway’s New Media Strategy: Ready-made Memes

Photo: Fox News

Last night, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity. She came well prepared — just, maybe not as much for a spot on national television as for a fourth-grade show-and-tell lesson. During the interview, Conway pulled out two paper signs, one reading “CONCLUSION? COLLUSION” and the other “ILLUSION DELUSION,” in an attempt to explain away Donald Trump Jr.’s recently revealed (by Trump Jr. himself) connections to the Kremlin. “I just want to review, in case you run out of time,” Conway said to Hannity. “This is how I see it so far.”

Yes, it’s easy to imagine that this was a world-class mistake — as we’ve explained several times, you shouldn’t hold up a sign in a photograph unless you are prepared to become a meme. But, of course, being the subject of a dumb meme is a good way to (1) spread your message and (2) avoid actually talking about it. Twitter spent a lot more time making memes out of her signs than it did discussing the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. (“Apologies to the humorless,” Conway tweeted after people online commented on her presentation.)

Conclusion? Memes. Lots of memes.

Twitter Went Wild Over Kellyanne Conway’s Homemade Signs