Machete Guy Took on Trash Can Guy in a Bloody UWS Street Fight

On Wednesday morning at Broadway and West 94th Street, a street fight briefly broke out when a driver attacked a pedestrian with a machete. The whole thing was caught on camera.

The fight began when the driver, later identified as 40-year-old Louis Roman, yelled at the pedestrian for looking at his phone while he crossed the street. He also said he was armed, according to police.

Roman then jumped out of his car and the pedestrian then picked up a trash can to serve as his shield. That’s when Roman unveiled his machete. Lucky for everybody, the trash can acquitted itself well in the battle against the blade, which breaks at the 36-second mark in the video above.

Roman reportedly sped away after the fight ended but police later caught up with and arrested him. The trash-can-welding pedestrian was allowed to go free.

Machete Guy vs. Trash Can Guy in Bloody UWS Street Fight