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Unbelievable Photo of Packed Subway Platform Sums Up the MTA in 2017

Just when you think the New York City subway system couldn’t get worse — remember that F train stuck underground for an hour without AC or lights — it does. This morning, a number of train lines — including the A, B, C, and D — experienced outages and major delays. So, as people attempted to somehow get themselves to all the places they needed to get to on a sweaty Monday, many opted to try the 1 train as an alternative route. Which meant, because trains and stations are only so big, that line was quickly overwhelmed, too. Here’s a look at the platform at 168th Street, as photographed by one commuter on Monday morning.

Another passenger, Morgan Avery, told Gothamist that after several full subway trains, which couldn’t fit any more bodies, came through the 1 station at 157th street, passengers began riding between the cars as a way to fit more people onto the trains. “I think for him, like a lot of us this morning, he just was sick of the crowds and needed to get to where he needed to be,” Avery said of the passenger she photographed wedged between two cars.

Yes, this seems good and normal and fine.

This Photo of Packed Subway Platform Sums Up the MTA in 2017