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Snapchat Has a New, Sneaky Way to Record Long Snap Videos

Snapchat’s new tint-brush feature seems cool, but unnecessary. Photo: Snapchat

Snapchat’s last update brought us the Snap Map, an excellent time-waster with the added benefit of making moms everywhere nervous. This week, the app is getting a few new, slightly-less-major upgrades. One of them — a multi-snap feature that allows you to record one minute of footage, divided into six Snaps — seems like it’ll see a lot of use.

Using multi-snap, you’ll now be able to record up to six ten-second Snaps in a row. Just press and hold the record button, like you would for a regular video snap, and keep holding it. From there, you’ll be able to edit each video and delete any clips you don’t want to send to friends or add to your story. Ideal for moments where you need to catch something on film — a friend finishing a marathon, a very good dog you creep-shot while walking down the street — but aren’t quite sure when the perfect shot will be. Multi-snap is available now to all iOS users, but Android users will have to wait. (Snap didn’t offer an exact release date.)

The other new feature seems to fall into Snapchat’s ever-growing category of tools you can use to make your Snaps fake content. Earlier this year, the company released a “magic eraser” tool, which lets users, well, erase things — trees, buildings, ex-girlfriends — from their snaps. Today’s addition isn’t quite so severe, but still lets users heavily modify their pictures and videos. To use the tint brush, take a snap and then select the tool from the app’s vertical tool kit. (You’ll find it under the scissors icon.) Select a color and then trace around the object you want to tint. Like turning the cone on a giant ice-cream piñata from brown to hot pink. Tint brush is available to all users, iOS and Android, today.

Snapchat Has a New, Sneaky Way to Record Long Snap Videos