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Trump Is Qualified to Be President Because He’s President, Explains Republican Senator

Mike Lee: senator, Republican, Constitutional scholar, tautologist. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s behavior in office — the hours of binge-watching television, the spouting of nonsense — has failed to reassure those of us who have felt concerned that a manifestly ignorant grifter and reality-television entertainer is not qualified to serve as president. Senator Mike Lee has an irrefutable, though perhaps not persuasive, rebuttal to the doubters. Donald Trump is qualified to be president of the United States, Lee tells Edward-Isaac Dovere, because he is president of the United States:

“I don’t think [the Founders] would look at that and say, ‘We don’t like this president,’ or, ‘We don’t think he’s qualified.’ I think his qualifications occurred by virtue of the process that they themselves set up. That’s what qualifies someone to be president.”

There you have it, worrywarts. There’re no grounds to think Trump is unqualified to serve as president because, per Senator Mike Lee, “unqualified president” is an oxymoron.

Republican President: Trump Qualified Because He’s President