Trump’s Friends at the National Enquirer Float a New Theory: Hillary Framed Don Jr.

Enquiring minds.

As Donald Trump continues to deny that his campaign colluded with Russia and tries to discredit any investigation into the issue, he hasn’t been shy about trying to turn attention to Hillary Clinton. It’s no surprise, given how well demonizing her worked out for him last year.

But so far, the Clinton bashing hasn’t taken any heat off of the White House. And that might explain why Trump’s friends in the right-wing media-sphere are stepping up their attacks.

As CNN reports, Fox News has this week devoted an outsize amount of time and attention to Clinton. And now, the National Enquirer is out with a completely new line of attack that moves beyond emails and simply blames Clinton for setting up the Trumps.

The latest issue of the supermarket tabloid, which is run by Trump booster David Pecker, claims to tell the “truth about the Russia scandal.” The story that tells that truth is not online — Pecker may be unscrupulous, but he’s not dumb — but a short description on the site lays it out in broad strokes. Clinton’s team set a “honey trap” for Donald Trump Jr. by having operatives offer fake dirt on her in hopes of catching him working with the Russians.

What’s unclear from the short description is why Clinton waited until eight months after she lost the election to reveal Don Jr.’s misdeeds. But maybe that’s in the rest of the piece, which you’ll have to read the next time you’re standing in line at the grocery store. That is, if you can resist reading about the rift between Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa instead.

The National Enquirer’s New Theory: Hillary Framed Don Jr.