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Trump Supporters on Twitter Spent the Fourth Getting Real Mad About the Declaration of Independence

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How did you spend the Fourth of July this year? Perhaps you got very sunburned on a beach. Or ate too many hot dogs and drank too many IPAs. Or, maybe, if you own a MAGA hat and didn’t feel like going outside, you spent the day tied to your computer angrily replying to NPR’s Declaration of Independence tweets. (Okay, okay, to be fair, maybe you did this from your phone, while outside wearing your hat and drinking beer and eating hot dogs.)

In honor of America’s Independence Day, NPR tweeted the entire Declaration of Independence, in 140-character chunks. Parts of which, in case you’ve forgotten from high-school history class, remind the citizenry of its rights to alter and abolish any government that strays from the values and morals on which the country was founded. If you had forgotten learning this, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Plenty of people on Twitter seemed to think NPR was trying to incite a rebellion against the current administration, rather than just tweeting out an extremely apropos and historic document.

Friendly reminder: Constitution Day is September 17. Just in case you feel like you might get mad if you start seeing tweets about how the House of Representatives has the “sole power of impeachment.”

Trump Twitter Angrily Discovers Declaration of Independence