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I Must Know the Identity of This Woman Who Brought an iMac on a Train

Somewhere in the world right now, possibly in London, there is a woman. An ingenious woman we must find. She has blonde hair, a fondness for blankets, and, most importantly, owns an iMac.

Our unknown hero was spotted on a train from Darlington to London King’s Cross earlier this week by another passenger on the train, David Hill, the Telegraph reports. More specifically, the woman was photographed on “the Virgin East Coast Darlington - London on Tuesday 14:58 in First Class,” Hill said. Do you know anybody who was on that train, at that time? And also, maybe, recently broke their laptop and had an important business deadline to meet? Or perhaps, someone who was on that train, at that time, who was lugging their iMac to an Apple store in London for repairs? I simply must know the origin story here. Please email with any leads. Or any photos of other people you’ve spotted using oversize electronics on public transportation. Thank you in advance.

I Must Know the Identity of This iMac Train Woman