Want to Buy a Used Hotel Bed From the Failed Trump Taj Mahal?

An employee of a liquidation company waits for customers at the former Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Thursday July 6, 2017, moments before a sale of the casino hotel’s contents begins. Photo: Wayne Parry/AP

Everything must go at the Trump Taj Mahal liquidation sale. The troubled Atlantic City property closed in the fall of 2016, but Thursday morning it opened its doors again for customers to clear the place of everything from the poker tables to this tapestry to the famous chandeliers from Austria. Those do not come cheap:

Although some more affordable chandeliers are available.

And pretty much anything else that one probably never, ever thought he or she wanted to own, ever:

The Trump opened his Taj Mahal in 1990, to great fanfare, but about a year later declared bankruptcy when the casino couldn’t make enough money to finance its debts. It faced financial troubles, mostly notably in 2009 and 2014, and finally the casino shut down in October of last year. In March 2017, Trump investor pal and then-owner Carl Icahn sold the property to the Hard Rock for $50 million. So now it must be cleaned out of its kitschy wares.

Luckily, the liquidators seemed to have plenty of customers on day one of the sale, which will run daily for 60 days or until the property is cleaned out. As the saying goes, one casino’s trash …

The only items that can’t be purchased are apparently slot machines, card tables, and anything that still has the name “Trump” on it.

And in case you’re worried that you might miss out on your chance to get an old bed that probably thousands of people slept in, you’re in luck: As one of the workers running the sale instructed the crowd, “If it’s behind me, I would say we would have about at least 900 of everything that you see here.”

Want to Buy a Used Hotel Bed From Failed Trump Taj Mahal?