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Please Welcome to the Stage: Watermelon Bae

Watermelons, if you think about them, might just be the most viral fruit around. There was the one that exploded under the stress of a zillion rubber bands while we all watched like big dummies with nothing better to do. The infamous “skinned” watermelon. That poor, poor melon that some misguided chef-man coated in taco seasoning in a Twitter video. Today, we anoint another to the pantheon of internet-famous watermelons. Select All is proud to introduce Watermelon Bae. (Or Melon Mama, as she’s known on Twitter. Jury is still out on the name.) Please watch, with a combination of awe and fear, as Watermelon Bae slices and dices at an alarming pace.

In real life, Watermelon Bae is Christine Ward. “We’re gonna have sooooo much fun on my different tips and tricks,” she explained in her most recent Instagram, announcing the launch of her new YouTube channel. “Comment below on what you would like to see.” “Just cut more watermelon because that was awesome,” somebody replied. We’re in agreement.

Watermelon Bae Is This Summer’s Viral Chopping Hero